Day 1 Mac Attack - Activity 4: End-of-Day Reflection"

today i have played some games with our peer leaders we had alot of fun together we played games with skittles where the more skittles we took the more we had to explain more about us it was quite fun as we made silly comments about ourselves

i have learnt to use the computer smartly such as not downloading illegal stuff such a copyrighted materials and not to see these obscene pictures

i chose to come to SST as it enables us to learn differently compared to other schools as we will be using the macbook to learn through the internet i guess compared to other school i feel this is a more interesting way of learning.

i hope that in SST i would be able to make new friends and study hard and at the same time work hard to get into a good jc (i am not sure about what to write for this sentence)

i cant seem to find the picasa so i have no choice but to post this

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  1. Dear Wilbur,

    The picasa photo album can be found under photo albums in the left hand column of this class blog.
    Please add in the photos, post your activity 4 in your blog page created before the school starts and submit the Permlink of this reflection post in the form found below. Thank you.