December Holidays

Hello Friends!~

Isn't it great that exams are over? :D 
Yes! It is time for us to take a short break from our daily academic lives and enjoy the post-exam activities which are organized for us by the school! :) In the upcoming week, some of our friends would be going on GCP trips while the others will be staying in school to do some Service Learning. Well, this might be the last week we see each other till next year unless there's a class outing somewhere during the holidays! Anyone interested? :)

Although the holidays are here, please do remember that there are still Holiday Fun Packs packed for us to do which will be uploaded for us on the Google Site over the holidays :D This is for us to prepare for a higher level of school work next year in SST! 
For those who might feel bad about the results that they have received, this December holiday is the time for you to catch up! We do not want to see many people struggling next year, am I right? :)
Also, please take good care of yourselves and be situationally aware of your surroundings especially when you are out. Remember to play safely!

I hope everyone is looking forward to attending school again, but in our new campus @ 1 Technology Drive next year! 
Enjoy your holidays everyone!

Schedule of Parent - Form Teacher Conference (4 Nov 2011)

Dear all,

Below is the schedule of the Parent - Form Teacher Conference (4 Nov 2011) for your reference.
Please email me at if you have not book a time slot.

Thank you.

Audrey Tan

Registration for Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2012

Dear all,

If you are interested to join the Singpaore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2012,
Please look register at the following URL

If you would like to clarify any doubts do look for Mr Tan HT.

Results for T3W9 and Target Setting

SOP to Observe

The following are some of the SOP that we would like you to take note:
- Please note that you should not be in the classrooms after you are dismissed 
(2.50pm for Mondays and 1.30pm for Tuesdays to Fridays). 
- The classrooms will be locked up for safety reasons.  Please proceed to the library, canteen or any study tables available in the common areas in level 1 and 2 if you need to meet up for group project discussions or finish up your homework. 
- Please excerise self-management and discipline and no form of abuse or assault will be tolerated. 
- Please note that all forms of eating should be confined to the canteen.

Thank you.

2011 Secondary 1 End of Year Examinations Schedule

Dear S106,

Please take note of the EOY schedule as shown below and prepare early for your examinations.
 All the best in your preparations.

Results for T3W5 Level Test and Target Setting for T3W9

20110815 (CE) Cyberwelless Activity 1: NETIZEN

Netizens are People that always make use of internet to participate on social and group activities. They may use the internet everywhere or anywhere.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of
(i) a good Citizen 
(ii) a good Netizen?


20110815 (CE) Cyberwelless Activity 2: About HACKING

Your thoughts on...

(1) What are the different "forms" of Hacking?

(2) What are your feeling (empathy) as a victim of Hacking?

Share your thoughts with the stickies (in the Linoit)
One sticky for each question.

20110815 (CE) Cyberwelless Activity 3: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Click HERE to access the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Suggest how you can be a civic-minded and responsible SST netizen? 

Post your thoughts in this blog post.

Write-up on the topic: Bullying

Write a bullying incident that you have witnessed.
- What do you think is the feeling of the person(s) involved?
- How do you react when you witness this incident?
- Why do you react in this manner?
- What can you do or react differently if given a 2nd chance?

Email me @

National Day Celebration

Dear S106,

Our National Day Celebrations will be held next Monday (8 August), as we celebrate Singapore's 46th birthday. Do turn up for the celebration in our national colour - RED. You may wear jeans with the usual footwear for school.
Please report to school as normal and will be no lesson for the day.

Audrey Tan

Placard on the 'Singapore Spirit' by the class for National Day

For the placard, please come together to work on a suitable tagline on the 'Singapore Spirit'. The tagline is to be put on just 1 side of the given corrugated board, and additional decorative designs are allowed. Please keep the other side of the corrugated board untouched.

Note: The tagline words on the completed placard should be sufficiently big and clear as it will be used in the placard show item in the ND Assembly Programme on 8 Aug. Please appoint 1 NE ambassador to participate in the placard show and turn up for the ND rehearsal on 4 Aug (Thu), 2-2.30pm at the school hall.

National Day CE Lesson

Students to access the reflections wall page of the NDP 2011 official site

Each student will only submit 1 posting (select 'Text' posting) on their reflection on the Singapore Spirit, put under either one of the 12 possible categories (see below)
·       Compassion
·       Competence
·       Confidence
·       Courage
·       Determination
·       Innovation
·       Love
·       Patriotism
·       Progress
·       Trust
·       Unity
·       Vibrancy

Each text posting should focus on these essential questions as far as possible:
1)    What is the Singapore Spirit?
2)    How is the Singapore Spirit created and sustained?
3)    How will Singapore progress forward with a renewed Spirit?

Students who wish to submit Video or Photo posting can do so after working on their Text posting.

Level Test for Week 5

Dear S106,

The following is the schedule for the level test next week. Please ensure that you report to school punctually as the level test will start immediately after assemble.

All the best in your level test :)

CE on 18 July

There are two items that we are going to prepare tomorrow.

1) Making a kite
  • Using materials (e.g. old magazines, newspapers, fabrics, bottles), decorate a kite focusing on ‘Hopes’
  • To hang in class for judging
  • Materials provided
    Plain ready made kite (120x110cm)
    Magic pens
  • Please bring glue and scissor.
2) Prepare for Fashion Parade
(To take place on 21 July, Thur)

  • 1 representative as the model. To dress in black T-shirt and Pants
  • Decorate the outfit which would feature all Ethnic groups in Singapore
  • Focus on ‘Memories’
  • Craft a short description of how costume depicts ‘Memories’ (script)
  • The model and commentator will have to turn up for the rehearsal on 19 July 2011 (Tue), 2.30-4.30pm
  • Materials provided
    Double sided tape (1 roll per class) Scotch tape (1 roll per class)
    Crepe paper (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green)
    Ribbons (Gold)
    Cellophane paper (Red, Orange, Purple, Green)

ABCD levels of Social Autonomy

Anarchy: Absence of order; aimless and disengaged; chaotic

Bossing: Bossing others; bullies others; breaks laws and standards; must be bossed to behave or do the right thing

Cooperation: Complies; considerate; conforms to peer pressure (EXTERNAL MOTIVATION)

Democracy: Develops self discipline, initiative and displays responsibility (INTERNAL MOTIVATION)

Which level are you functioning at?
Which level do you think your friend think you are functioning at?
Which level do you think your class is functioning at?
How can we improve the way we function in class?

Youth Day Appeal 2011 Envelope

Dear S106,

Thank you for all your donations for the ComChest Youth Day Appeal 2011.
Can the following student please pass me your envelope latest by tomorrow.
If you have lost it, please see Mr Seth Tan.


Parent - Teacher Meeting (8 July 2011)

Dear S1-06,

Please remind your parents that the parent-teacher meeting will be held on the 8 July 2011 from 2pm to 5pm. This will be followed with a Principal's Talk at 6:30pm.

As the date for booking of the time slots with the subject teachers are already over, if you have missed the dateline, please email the teacher that you would like to see directly. You can view the available time slots for individual teacher here. 
Please send the email by today 5/7/2011.

For those who have submitted your request, please refer to this file tomorrow to confirm your timing.


Audrey Tan

Temperature Taking Exercise 30 June (Thursday)

Dear S106,

Please remember to bring your thermometer for the temperature taking exercise.
Report to classroom for the assembly in the morning. Thanks.

Audrey Tan

Academic Reflection

Grade for Sem 1
Goal for Sem 2
English Lang



I. Humanities




What would you do differently in order to reach your goals?

Individual Reflection

Time has passed and it has been about 5 months since the year started. Spend about 5 minutes of quiet time by yourself to think about the things that have happened in school, home and in your personal life. Indicate the highlights and low points of this semester on the timeline below. You may also indicate the most rewarding and most challenging and also interesting incidents that happened.

Closure of Semester for S106

1) 3 highlights
2) 3 challenges
3) 3 positive attributes
4) 3 areas of improvements

Reflection for General Election 2011

1) Why do we need to be aware of and be concerned about national events such as the General Elections?

2) How can you keep yourself informed about such national events?

Common Test Seating Plan

Dear S106,
Below is the seating plan for the common test.

Reading Programme and Edusave forms

Please note that the total cost displayed on the Reading Programme and Edusave forms this morning i.e. $60.60 is inclusive of the ST-IN that you get every Monday (Straits Times IN, $17.60 for 22 Issues).

Please sign your edusave forms and hand in latest by 12 May 2011.
Students who did not receive the Edusave Form, it means that:
   (a) You are a Non-Singaporean
   (b) You do not have enough money in their accounts (could be due to the recent deductions for their GCP trips)
   (c) You are on 100% Financial Assistance (the school will subsidize the cost of the materials in full for these kids)
For students in (a) and (b), please make your payment via Cheque (preferably) at the General Office between 11th - 13th May 2011 (Tues - Fri) at the following timings:
    1. 8.00am - 12.00pm
    2. 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Health Checkup Schedule

There will be a health check up on 6 May 2011 Friday.
Please change into your PE attires before proceeding to
'Our Space' at Block A level 2.
Time: 12:15pm

Please ensure that the health booklet is in the general office by 5:00pm today.

Urgent: Class Admin

1) Wilbur, please collect the Health booklets from your class today (3 May 2011), arrange them in class register number and send them to the General Office for safekeeping.

2) Supervised Study Form:
The following student must submit the supervised study form with parental signature by 4 May.
- Tobias 14 April and 15 april

3) Charmaine - please collect the report books from your class and leave it in the class pigeon hole by 5 May. Please arrange them in class register number and ask them to purchase it from the bookshop if they have not done so.

Elearning Week Survey

On 21-25 March 2011, we have taken a very different approach to carry out eLearning activities, as compared to many other Singapore schools.
We would like to hear your feedback so that we could sharpen the learning activities as well as the processes. This would be helpful for the school to design similar learning activities in the future.

Complete this between 19 April (Tuesday) & 21 April (Thursday).

Click HERE to access survey.
It will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you.


In your personal blog, post an entry answering the following questions. And then post the permlink in your class blog

3 things you have learnt
2 things you enjoyed in this lesson
Apart from food, how can differences and diversity be beneficial?

Diversity is not about how we differ.
Diversity is about embracing one another's uniqueness.

Commute to School from JB on a daily basis.

Hi S106,

If you stay in JB and have to commute to singapore daily, please inform me latest by monday 11/4/11.

This is for school record purpose. Thanks.


-consider all suggestions
-do no talk unnecessarily
-ask for people's permission to call them weird names
-hand in homework on time
-respect others
-ask questions only when the teacher is done talking
- listen to instructions
-greet anyone who enters the classroom
-raise your hand when you want to talk
-do not use the LD unnecessarily unless asked to
-push in the chair after use
-no racist comments
-do not take people's stuff unless with their permission
-contribute to your class, project work etc...

2011 Celebration @ SST on Friday 11 March 2011

Please report directly to our classroom at the usual timing for national anthem in your full uniform.
After that we will queue up according to the register number and proceed to the hall at 8:00 am. We will be seated according to the layout as shown below.

Survey for commemoration of Total Defence Day and celebration of CNY celebration

Please complete your feedback on the commemoration of Total Defence Day and celebration of CNY celebration.
Go to the URL as show below.


Travel Declaration for March Holiday

Dear S106,
Please enter the details in the following form latest by 10 March 2011 if you are going oversea during this coming March Holiday.


Those who wish to join me in the lesson experience using Netlogo 4.1 and TI-Inspire the programs mentioned by Mr Johari please comment this similar post can be found in the maths blog.
P.S : Please comment ASAP.

CCA Allocation for Sec 1 Students

The CCA allocation for Sec. 1 is available now. Please check your allocated CCAs from the Students Google site under the CCA programme (S2011 Domain for students (google site)\CCA\CCA Allocation).

Please note that you are to report to your CCAs starting from Friday, 18 Feb., unless you  have been approached by the CCA teachers to join training earlier. 
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your CCA, you may approach Mr. Aidil Idris or Mr. Lam.
Thank you.

My Pledge Card

In your my pledge card, please include the message

'I will (.........) to ensure my home is (...)'

1) Post it on the class blog.

2) Send your original file to my email @

Due Date: Tomorrow 15 Feb (By 3 pm)