For the National Education Committee

1)      What kind of items should we include in the Hamper (1 per class) that are appropriate/ relevant for the recipients of the Hamper gift

2)      What are the criteria needed for the contribution of the items?
          (e.g. expiry date for food item, usability, etc)

3)     Who will be able to contribute the items? Let’s make a list. 
          Key in the item in the form shown below.
          Please bring the item that you are contributing on this Thursday.

4)     What should be our deadline for consolidating the items?
          (note: 31 Jan latest)


  1. Neither can I. Btw, How about mandrin oranges. its Chinese new year.

  2. @aleem good idea. maybe some cny goodies as well?

  3. So sorry. I had changed the setting. Everyone should be able to view it now. Thanks.

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