Gentle Reminders

Dear S106,

The following are homework that are due in the coming week as well as some students who have yet to submit their work. If you are submitting your permlinks, do ensure that your name appears below the submission. Just in case there are some technical errors. Thanks.

1) Introduction to Keynote

2) Day 1 reflection

3) For Day 2 reflection, there are only a few entries so far. Please ensure that day 2 reflection is completed by 10 Jan (Monday).

4) Storyboard (Draft) to be completed by 10 Jan (Monday). Do give Wilbur and Rhea some suggestion on your class presentation for badge ceremony.

5) Keynote Presentation to be completed and posted on your personal blog by 13 Jan (Thursday) before ADS/ASSB lesson. Please be prepared to present your slides.
(Note that you should be looking at what you had done and learnt since school starts when preparing for your storyboard and keynotes, except for Wilbur and Rhea who will be looking at what the class had done and learnt.

Wilbur and Rhea: you might want to discuss about the flow of the presentation and how you can do things to avoid overlapping with each other.)

6) Do remember to bring along a reading material (story book, magazines, newspapers, etc) for the morning assembly.

7) Do charge up your learning devices fully at the start of each day.

8) Next week is week 2. Do pack your bags accordingly and follow the timetable for even week.

9) Hand in reply slip for badge ceremony to Form Teacher.

Please note that there will be a rehearsal for the Badge Ceremony in the hall on Friday 3 pm.




  1. How do you upload the keynote presentation up to my blog? I have done it but am unable to upload.

  2. you would need to export it as images before uploading it.

  3. as the food leader what must i take note of and what is the job of a food leader?

  4. export using what file?

  5. can we use the screen shot if it does not work?

  6. More specifically is click file,then find export, a pop up will appear and on the top of the pop up. select html then at Format select jpeg(variable quality) then press next. You will be asked to save the file. just save it in the desktop. After that, go to your blog and upload it.

  7. Patrick, thanks for a detail instruction. Good job.
    As for the job scope of a food leader, gather your members and decide what do you want to provide for your parents during the class presentation.

    Some points to note:
    1) There are about 40 parents coming.
    2) We have only 45 min to serve the food.
    3) Type of drinks? Paper cups/ plates/ toothpicks? Halal? Vegetarian? No Beef/pork?
    The food should consist only of finger food. It can be just nachos and dips, fruits, sandwiches, etc.
    4) Budget required?
    5) Identify the role of each member. What is the responsibility of each member.

  8. Ms Tan, I uploaded my permlink but my name does not appear. i tried to refresh and upload again but it still isn't working.. What do I do?

  9. Rhea,

    Don't worry. Sometimes it takes a while for the permlink to appear. I remembered Aleem posted his video in class last tuesday and we couldn't see his name in the list after a few refresh. It only appear in the evening. If it doesn't appear by tomorrow, then I would have to trouble you to resend your submission.

  10. oh, ok. thank you (: