Self introduction BY ANONYMOUS GUY named Aleem Shah

My name is Aleem Shah K.N (what k.n stands for is for me to know and you to find out) and this is my photo. First thing about me is that i am NOT a gangster or anything like that. I also don't like showing my real face in photos.By the way, Just call me Aleem and if you cant pronounce it.... call me toby/Ronald/Muccu. Ok that was random. Expect that from me because I like to be random at times. Im good in Science And Math. Also I am really good in first-person shooter games like Halo Reach. I hope to improve on my mother tounge and english this year because those two subjects pulled my PSLE score down a lot. After all, I got A* for Math and Science in PSLE. I do NOT like playing most sports like soccer, instead of getting swetty in a field, I rather sit comfortably in a chair and read a book. I remain fit by swimming so I guess that is my favourite sport. Over the weekend, I like to do all sorts of things. On normal occasions, I like to just go to the library, borrow interesting books and read them. If i score high in a test, I celebrate by playing a lot with my cousins in their house. If i score low in a test (which rarely happens), I study a lot and 'buck up'. If it is a birthday or another special occasion, I go to the party (in cases like a birthday) or I visit my grandparents (in cases like Hari Raya).

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  1. Umm....... the Toby in line 4 was not trying to irritate the toby in this class, it is from my favourite youtube channel TOBUSCUS.