Things that need to be done by today 31 Jan 2011

Dear S106,

Sorry I will not be around in school today as I am not feeling well. Having flu with throat infection. But there are a few things that need to be done by today.

1) Wilbur - Collect all the CCA options forms and pass it to Mr Lam
(Please ensure all forms must be in before submitting.)

2) Mason - Please advises all students who had created the Idea Bunny Hero to submit their entries by today. Please remember to include your name, class and title in your submission. Hard copies (A4 size) to be submitted to National Education pigeon hole (outside staff room). Digital illustrations to be submitted to

3) Darren - Please gather your team and ensure all class decorations are up by today. Please refer to the previous posting on the judging criteria.
Judging for the inter-class decor competition is on Tuesday 1 Feb 2011, during lunch break so we must finish by then.

4) Nicole
- Ms Alice Lim will pass you a Chinese New Year Card. If you did not receive it you may collect it from class S205 during CE period and write the class wishes on the card for the elderly (ask someone with the best handwriting to write our best wishes and remember to write down from S106 on the card). Please decide if your team wants to place the card in the hamper/ to be attached firmly to the hamper

- Please gather your team to make the hamper today. If you need extra materials (Cellophane or scotch tape or ribbon) for the hamper, please sent someone to class S205 (level 4 directly above S105) to collect it.

- Upon completion, place the hamper on the table in Learning Oasis (level 2 ask any teachers for directions if necessary). (31 Jan, From 1.30 to 5.00 pm)

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