2011, Feb 10: Advisory Lesson - Cyberwellness (Digital Citizenship)

Activities 1-3: Refer to the "Character Education" page at the Student GoogleSite.

Activity 4: Reflection & Takeaways from the lesson
Reflect on... (enter your thoughts under the Comments)
(a) How do you find this lesson relevant to you in your life?
(b) How does this lesson strength your understanding on the importance of observing Netiquette on the Internet?
(c) Which part of the lesson activity do you find most meaningful? Why?


  1. a) it will help me prevent myself from dangers
    b)so as not to attract bad guys from tracking your IP Address
    c)The dangers, so as to prevent the possible dangers you may be facing in the future

  2. (a) I can use this to learn how to be a good netizen.
    (b) It has strengthed me alot.
    (c) The part about being a good netizen. So that i don't offend or annoy anyone on the net

  3. a) It enriches me and not to be a hated person on the net.
    b) I learnt what not to do and what to do
    c) The first video, it was interesting and enriching

  4. a) warns me to mine peoples feelings
    b) It strengths me by allowing me to know what we should do and not do on the internet.
    c) The VIDEOS :)

  5. (a) We use the internet everyday in life now so it is very relevant to my life.
    (b) Previously i thought Netiquette on the Internet was actually just no downloading illegal songs online. Now I know that Netiquette is actuall nit just the one stated above but also with respect, responsibility, no flaming and others.
    (c) I think the video showing that the internet is a dangerous place is the most meaningful as the video tells us more about the viruses that roams the net.

  6. a) As we use the Internet almost everyday, it is important to know proper etiquette in the Internet.

    b) It teaches me about respecting others and being responsible for my actions.

    c) The second video. I found out that my home's desktop is probably infected with viruses already.

  7. It will help me not be in danger

  8. a) I have learnt how to use the internet properly and be a good netizen.
    b) So that we will not be hacked and no one is able to access my personal information.
    c) The part of the different hacking methods other use so I now know how to take precautions and such

  9. a) i found it good as it helped me from not going to danger

    b)It helped me learn the importance when im online

    c) When u was warned against the danger i will be facing when i am online because it help me be protected when im online

  10. It will protect me from viruses.
    It help me learn how to be a good netizen.
    I learned what not to do.

  11. it will let me do the right thing
    it helps me to understand that the internet is very dangerous
    put antivirueses

  12. It teaches me how to be a good internet user.
    I understand that writing harmful stuff on the net can offend others without u knowing it.
    THE videos.

  13. a. That people can be hacked so easily.
    b.It helps me understand that the web is more dangerous that I know
    c.None, It is all the same.

  14. a) This lesson makes me more exposed to what is cyber wellness.

    b) It provides me more information on what is right and wrong over cyber space.

    c) I find the most meaningful part when they teaches us about what is right and wrong, what we should and should not do over the internet.

  15. a) The lesson makes me understand the meaning of cyber wellness
    b) it tells me the rights and wrongs on cyber world
    c)The part where i been teach the do and don'ts

  16. A)understanding,knowledge,wisdom about cyber-wellness.It is essential because we study in a school where we have usage of technology in our everyday life.