Reflection of the Lesson on Cyber Wellness

       Please do a reflection of the lesson in the Google Docs (sheet C). The questions for reflections include:
a.     “How do you find this lesson relevant to you in your life?”
b.     “How does this lesson strengthen your understanding on the importance of observing Netiquette on the Internet?”
      c.   “Which part of the lesson activity do you find most meaningful?” Why?


  1. a.It helps us know what is against the law and not get affected by malware.
    b.I learnt that we must follow the rules or get jailed or fined
    c.The video as I can learn alot of things about the internet in a short time.

  2. i am able to avoid using inappropriate netiquette online.
    this allows me to know about others opinions of netiquette and to avoid using it against them
    To me , the video was most meaningful as i saw what are ways internet has affected people's lives.