CE on 18 July

There are two items that we are going to prepare tomorrow.

1) Making a kite
  • Using materials (e.g. old magazines, newspapers, fabrics, bottles), decorate a kite focusing on ‘Hopes’
  • To hang in class for judging
  • Materials provided
    Plain ready made kite (120x110cm)
    Magic pens
  • Please bring glue and scissor.
2) Prepare for Fashion Parade
(To take place on 21 July, Thur)

  • 1 representative as the model. To dress in black T-shirt and Pants
  • Decorate the outfit which would feature all Ethnic groups in Singapore
  • Focus on ‘Memories’
  • Craft a short description of how costume depicts ‘Memories’ (script)
  • The model and commentator will have to turn up for the rehearsal on 19 July 2011 (Tue), 2.30-4.30pm
  • Materials provided
    Double sided tape (1 roll per class) Scotch tape (1 roll per class)
    Crepe paper (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green)
    Ribbons (Gold)
    Cellophane paper (Red, Orange, Purple, Green)

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