National Day CE Lesson

Students to access the reflections wall page of the NDP 2011 official site

Each student will only submit 1 posting (select 'Text' posting) on their reflection on the Singapore Spirit, put under either one of the 12 possible categories (see below)
·       Compassion
·       Competence
·       Confidence
·       Courage
·       Determination
·       Innovation
·       Love
·       Patriotism
·       Progress
·       Trust
·       Unity
·       Vibrancy

Each text posting should focus on these essential questions as far as possible:
1)    What is the Singapore Spirit?
2)    How is the Singapore Spirit created and sustained?
3)    How will Singapore progress forward with a renewed Spirit?

Students who wish to submit Video or Photo posting can do so after working on their Text posting.

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