December Holidays

Hello Friends!~

Isn't it great that exams are over? :D 
Yes! It is time for us to take a short break from our daily academic lives and enjoy the post-exam activities which are organized for us by the school! :) In the upcoming week, some of our friends would be going on GCP trips while the others will be staying in school to do some Service Learning. Well, this might be the last week we see each other till next year unless there's a class outing somewhere during the holidays! Anyone interested? :)

Although the holidays are here, please do remember that there are still Holiday Fun Packs packed for us to do which will be uploaded for us on the Google Site over the holidays :D This is for us to prepare for a higher level of school work next year in SST! 
For those who might feel bad about the results that they have received, this December holiday is the time for you to catch up! We do not want to see many people struggling next year, am I right? :)
Also, please take good care of yourselves and be situationally aware of your surroundings especially when you are out. Remember to play safely!

I hope everyone is looking forward to attending school again, but in our new campus @ 1 Technology Drive next year! 
Enjoy your holidays everyone!

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