Closure of Semester for S106

1) 3 highlights
2) 3 challenges
3) 3 positive attributes
4) 3 areas of improvements


  1. 1) Common Test, Napfa, Class Test
    2) Common Test, Napfa, Performance Task

  2. 1) a. orientation camp
    b. class outing
    c. common test

    2) a. the issue of racism
    b. tobias
    c. common test

    3) a. very focused
    b. very happy
    c. very co-operative

    4) a. tobias
    b. less arguing
    c. none

  3. 3) Found more friends in other classes, know each other better, less people hand up homework late
    4) -NIL-

  4. 1) We have finished our exams.
    We have bonded together as a class.
    We have a few successful class outings
    2) Studying for exam
    Different opinions about some stuff...
    Bonding together with the other gender
    3) We are able to work with each and anyone in the class now.
    We are able to help each other in our weaknesses.
    We have finished our exams with flying colours (maybe)
    4) We should not be racist
    We must respect each other
    We must not play games on our LDs

  5. 1) ADMT. Napfa. Group work.
    2)Class Test. Napfa. Science performance task
    3)Not a lot of bully case. Most people will help each other. No one ask you to shut up for no reason.
    4)Racists comment. Picking on a few people, like Siddarth is always the person that will be insulted. Use of Vulgar words on facebook

  6. 1.Common test,Orientation camp,Tesla video!
    2.Overcoming the Macbook,trying to work with some group members,Overcoming some bad habits of myself.
    3.Gaining new knowledge,teamwork and putting others before ourselves(some).
    4)More agreement,Not making decisions for the class or group,we must not use CAPS LOCK and rude words etc during chats and stop playing games in class(SOMEPeople)

  7. 1) Common Test, Napfa, Orientation camp
    2)Common test, Orientation camp, Napfa
    3) Interpreting Mr fong's sarcasm... , Seeing patrick and benedict go for the high ropes (so scary....)
    When we won the ball game( this is dumb)
    4)No racisms, no making stupid jokes =.= , no insulting others >.<

  8. 1) Icebreakers on the first day, Orientation Camp, Common Tests,

    2) Making new friends among the my class, Knowing more about my friends, Getting to know how to use the Mac.

    3) Able to help each other in times of need, Able to use the MAc very well, Able to survive the Common Tests

    4) need to understand each other, Stop playing games during lessons and pay attention, Give homework promptly

  9. 1) Common test, class outings, orientation camp.
    2) Common test, NAPFA, class unity.
    3) Social. (covers everything)
    4) Class unity, respect.

  10. 1)The camp,the common test,making friends.
    2)Interpreting Mr Fong's sarcasm,common test,the napfa test.
    3)Focused,optimistic and helpful.
    4)Less gaming in class,less arguing,less racism.

  11. 1) Camp, class outing and
    2) common test, Science performance task
    3) Meeting new people, Most people will help each other and we did well for our CT
    4) not playing games on mac, the issue of insulting people, No vulgarities on the net.

  12. 3 highlights:
    1)Orientation Camp
    2)Running 2.4 together
    3)class outing

    3 Challenges:
    1)Common Test
    3)Not following instructions

    3 Positive attributes
    1)well bonded
    2)Able to carry out a task efficiently

    3 areas of improvement
    1)Being more co-operative
    2)Less racist

    Kuzhalini and Deepika

  13. 1.Orientation Camp, Common test, Results of common test
    2.Common test, NAPFA, unity of the class
    3.Everyone is friends (mostly?), fun environment, easy to work with
    4.More respect towards others(: , unity of the class,
    stop arguing. -__-

  14. 1)(a)Orientation Camp
    (b)Common Test
    (c) Knowing that Wilbur feels that meeting me is a highlight

    2)(a)Common Test
    (b) Siddarth hating me so much and I do not even know why he hates me so much
    (c)The issue of racism.

    3(a) Creativity
    (b) adapt very quickly
    (c) Easy to read the minds of classmates

    4(a)Try to accept the girls in our class
    (b)More hardworking
    (c) Learn to utilise the power of your superiority

    Partner: Darren

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  16. 1) Camp Fire , Badge Ceremony and Common Test
    2) Common Test , Performance Task , Coping with life in SST.
    3) Outgoing , Funny, Happy-Go-Lucky
    4) Less unnecessary talking , more class bonding with opposite gender too,
    less racist comments
    Mason Sim and Kevin Teng

  17. Our highlights~
    - The camp fire
    - The times when we do group work as a team
    - NAFA test 2.4km, when we all cheered on our friends to run

    Our Challenges~
    - The performance task
    - Meting new friends
    - Running 2.4km for NAFA

    Our Positive Attributes~
    - We are very determine to win other classes in challenges
    - We have a unique way of communicating with each other
    - We are bonding together as a class better then before

    Our Areas of Improvements~
    - We should go out more on class excursion trips to improve the bonding of the class
    - We still need to communicate more in real life and not only virtually.
    - We need to stop having racist comments in class

    Jie Yi and Nicole Heng

  18. 1) First outing with 106 (it was a success and a enjoyable day) , Orientation Camp together with my new friends and learning with my new macbook and my new friends
    2)Coping with the homework and the lessons, Having friends to work as one, Stopping bully
    3)teamwork,judging and criticizing
    4)Communication, understanding and teamwork

  19. 1)napha :P(wilbur)
    orienttion csmp
    class outing (aleem)
    soccer!!!!! (wilbur)

    napha (aleem)
    class test
    and friday (the song)

    increase in creativity
    quick problem solver
    andremind people's name

    unity of class
    respect each others
    stop argueing

    partner aleem

  20. 1) The orientation camp, the tower building challenge, class outing
    2) Climbing up a slope during a training trek, trying to beat my 2.4km timing, trying to complete the science performance task
    3) Tries to achieve its goals, co-operative??? very active
    4) try to bond more, try to communicate with each other better, stop criticizing others in the class.