Individual Reflection

Time has passed and it has been about 5 months since the year started. Spend about 5 minutes of quiet time by yourself to think about the things that have happened in school, home and in your personal life. Indicate the highlights and low points of this semester on the timeline below. You may also indicate the most rewarding and most challenging and also interesting incidents that happened.


  1. The highest point is that I learned from many mistakes and improved to become a better person.
    My lowest point is that I was addicted to the computer for a short time and my relationships gone lower and lower.

  2. *sobs* it was such an emotional journey for us... ); (:D)
    I think that the class had bonded very quickly. I also think the most rewarding thing was receiving my geography marks :D
    The most challenging thing would have to be preparing for 2 extra subjects because I was not used to it and this would be the the first time taking integrated humanities

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  4. My highlights were the camp,the common test and for the low points were the science performance task,failing chinese,geography,history.The most rewarding and most challenging was the common test.

  5. For the 5 months I have been in this school, I feel that it is not a regret coming here to develop my studies. The most challenging highlight so far is that I would be going to climb a mountain. It would take many days to train to be fit to trek up that mountain. I think this would also be my greatest highlight of the year

    For my low points, it is not doing so well in my exams.

  6. 1.Camp Knowing our teachers
    2.CCA dismiss late
    3.Failing English(once)
    4.Getting our Grades for midyear

  7. The highest point of Semester 1 is that the orientation camp, and the project works that we do for classwork, and also the hiking training up Bukit Temah Hill. They were all exciting, fun and challenging.
    The lowest point of Semester 1 is that I did not really score well in some of the quizes because of carelessness. I decided to buck up and try to reduce the number of careless mistakes I make.

  8. My highlights for this past 5 months is the orientation camp and my low points is the common tests.My most rewarding was when i was able to trek for a very long time with my friends and my more challenging moment was when i did not as well as i expected in my common tests.

  9. 1) Orientation Camp, knowing more about my teachers and the students

    2) CCA being dismissed late

    3) Receiving my science marks.

    4) Surviving and doing the Common Test